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This declaration of the title applies to all of the web pages and domains (hereinafter website (websites)) which are owned by the limited company Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. as a holding and independent entity. By using the Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. websites you confirm that you got acquainted and that you agree with the provisions in this declaration.

Copyright and intellectual property

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It is allowed to use a hyperlink, exclusively, through of which redirecting (switching) to one of the websites will occur, and that is in case that Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. have provided a prior written approval for this.

Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. reserves the right to make claims to compensation of the damage caused by the above-mentioned disallowed use from the person who has caused the given damage.

Responsibility exclusion

Despite persisting care and attention which Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. devotes to composition of its website(s), Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. does not provide any guarantee for entirety, accuracy or continuous update of the data and information. No rights can be applied from its(their) content.  
Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. excludes any responsibility for:
  • Content and / or accuracy and / or continuous update of the website(s) and information and each of its use;
  • Content and / or accuracy and / or legitimacy and / or continuous update of the services and / or information of third persons who have been addressed through the mediation of its website(s) in any way;
  • Damage, direct or indirect, resulting from or related to use of the website(s) or (temporary) impossibility of gaining approach to the website(s). It is supposed to be especially, but not only, the damage caused in result of electronic communication, which is supposed to be undelivery or late delivery of an electronic message (mail) and damage caused by third persons, who transferred viruses through the mediation of such communication.

Modifications and amendments can be made with immediate effectiveness and without any preceding notice anytime.


Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. will use its rights and will lodge them at the competent court if misuse will have occurred in its opinion. Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. reserves the right to refuse to release an approval for use in case that misuse of the website(s) has occurred.

Eunite Consultancy Group s.r.o. reserves the right to make any modifications and amendments in the website(s) with immediate effectiveness and without any preceding notice anytime.

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